warWhen World War one is war called, gained by its geographical extent over several continents and through the unlimited use of all available strategic resources worldwide significance or as a result of a fundamental realignment of global international relations, brings with it. The term is probably 1814 first described by Friedrich Ludwig Jahn in relation to the liberation wars have been used. appeared in the Duden, the word until the year 1929.

Today the term is generally designated by the First World War (1914-1918) and the Second World War (1939-1945) brought together. These two wars are also called " total war "means.

Uses of The Term World War

Many historians believe that even
the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714),
the War of Austrian Succession (1740-1748),
the Seven Years' War (1756-1763) and
the Napoleonic wars (1804-1812)
can be regarded as a "world war" mean /. All disputes related to the major powers and were already in Europe and America and Europe, the Americas and Asia held.
In the scientific literature
The Peloponnesian War and
The Punic Wars
as the " ancient world wars "refers to.

The term World War was a war even before the First World War, often used as a military conflict between the world powers under the new dimensions of warfare became apparent, for example, in August Niemann . At least since the 1880s, the notion of a future war in use.

The first and the second world war, and is sometimes called a " conflagration "(a term used in the Nordic and Germanic mythology) refers.

During the Cold War, the scenario and the consequences have been a part of nuclear weapons led World War III discussed.

The Second Congo War (1998-2003) was by politicians and the media due to the large number of involved states sometimes referred to as the "African World War" or something similar.

World Civil War

Some are based on Ernst Nolte's notion of a "world civil war of ideologies," the proxy wars since 1945, the combined cost equally many millions of lives, the overall scenario of since 1914 no longer come to rest so-called world-Civil War assigned.
The international peace movement has been demanding for the 1880 global disarmament, international arbitration and an effective international law. This list of demands since 1917 (Pope Benedict XV. ) also part of Catholic social teaching. [7] In the course of the fight against terrorism and brutal civil wars are doubts about the pacifism loud, while the acceptance of a gradual change in the structure of the growing military into a sort of global police force . The type of conventional wars between nations, however, occurs much less in evidence since 1989.

World War II

The Second World War or Second World War 3 , is an armed conflict on a global scale which lasted from 1 st September 1939 to 2 September 1945 . This global conflict schematically two opposed camps - the Allies and the Axis . It ended on the European theater on 8 May 1945 by the unconditional surrender of the III e Reich , and finally ended in the theater of operations Asia Pacific on 2 September 1945 by the unconditional surrender of the Empire of Japan , the Axis last nation to be defeated.

Caused by the unsatisfactory settlement of the First World War and by the hegemonic and expansionist ambitions of the three major nations of the Axis ( Nazi Germany , Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan ), it consisted of convergence, from 3 September 1939 , a set of regional conflicts respectively initiated on 18 July 1936 in Spain (the Spanish Civil War ), on 7 July 1937 in China (the Sino-Japanese War ), and 1 st September 1939 in Poland ( Polish campaign ) , then by the official entry into the war of all great powers of the era: France , UK and their empires from the 3 September 1939 , USSR from the German invasion of June 1941, United States on 7 December 1941 in a dispute involving the majority of nations of the world on virtually all continents.

World War II is the armed conflict the largest that the humanity has known, involving over 100 million soldiers from 61 nations, spreading the war on some 22 million km ² 4 , and killing about 62 million people, including a majority of them civilians. Do not just between nations, World War II was the first great ideological war of history, which explains why the forces of cooperation in Europe and Asia have been occupied in solidarity with countries invaders or enemies, or that a resistance may have existed until the heart of Nazi Germany at war.

Total war , it almost completely gomma separation between civil and military space and lives in both camps, not only thrust mobilization of material resources - economic, human and scientific - but also moral and political engagement in whole societies .

The sum of the damage could never be quantified reliably, but it certainly exceeds the cumulative destruction of all conflicts known by mankind since its inception. The moral trauma was no less significant, the violence is having a novel.

She underwent multiple war crimes , which were the prerogative of any camp, crimes fitting into a military and police violence of an intensity and an unmatched depth. She also saw the emergence on a scale previously unknown mass crimes particularly heinous and unprecedented to some, especially at the instigation of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.
The crimes include the deportation to concentration camps , labor camps and death camps , including gas chambers for the purpose of exterminating people whole ( Jews , Slavs , Gypsies ), or specific categories of individuals ( homosexuals , handicapped , etc..) controlled by the regime Nazi .

The regime Showa was not at all remains in Asia, to his credit, 10 million Chinese civilians forcibly conscripted by the Koa-in to Manchukuo , about 200,000 " comfort women "enlisted in Korea and throughout the Far East , and the systematic destruction of civilian populations, mainly in China and particularly during the Nanjing Massacre .

There are the murders of systematic resistance and opposition politicians, as well as reprisals against civilians by the Nazis ; experiments on human beings which indulged by Nazi doctors, as the SS Josef Mengele and the Japanese unit 731 ; the bombing massive civilian first by the Axis in Europe ( Coventry , England, Rotterdam, the Netherlands) and Asia ( Shanghai , Guangzhou , Chongqing , the latter being the most bombed city of Sino- Japanese), then by the Allies: Dresden and Hamburg in Germany, Tokyo with napalm in Japan. For the first time, the atomic bomb was used against a country: two bombs dropped on civilian targets by the U.S. exploded three days apart, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

World War II propel the United States and the USSR , the main winners, as the two superpowers competing destined to rule the world together to know a great ideological and political rivalry , for almost 45 years thereafter. It seals the decline of the imperial powers of Europe, and opens the process of decolonization that will only accelerate postwar Asia, the Arab world and Africa , until the year 1960 .

Finally this last conflict of magnitude on the European continent will mark the beginning of its end in Western Europe a period of unprecedented prosperity in the wake of Reconstruction, and the gradual emergence of a draft peaceful unification policy.

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